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Wall Art

wall plaque 005.JPG
Abstract Wall Art Price: $2,450.00
Art from scrap pieces.
Bike 006.JPG
Bike in mountains Price: $0.00
Bronc Rider Price: $2,400.00
The frame is 48" x 48". The image is all handmade of steel. The background is aluminum.
Pheasant 005.JPG
Geese Price: $375.00
Geese in flight
Lake2 011.JPG
Grand Lake Price: $400.00
Grand Lake
Moon over Cline Tops 015.JPG
Moon over Cline Tops Price: $750.00
52" x 19" wall art
Silver Trees 007.JPG
SILVER TREES Price: $625.00
The colors are all natural,from grinding, rust and heat.
Gregs gate 010.JPG
Steel Flower Price: $50.00
Steel flower to mount on a wall. Free shipping
Sunset Sunset Price: $325.00
Handmade iron wall hanging
Three horses Price: $325.00
Handmade. All steel.
Moon over Cline Tops 017.JPG
Walking Bear Price: $150.00
14" X 20"
Waterfall Price: $310.00
Steel and aluminum