Yard Art

twodancers 004.JPG
Two Dancers
"Two Dancers" is a beautiful piece of art that can be enjoyed inside or as a piece of yard art.
Price $425.00
Flowers 021.JPG
Yard art 12
3ft. tall.
Price $250.00
Yard art 14
Yard art with square tubing.
Price $600.00
Yard Art 13
Floral sculpture
Price $350.00
Bonefish1 008.JPG
Fish Bone
Iron fish bone sculpture.
Price $250.00
Elk and stone 002.JPG
Elk and stone
Cut out steel elk mounted on a stone.
Price $190.00
Iron Rock 002.JPG
Iron Rock
Stone with treble clef.
Price $50.00
Gregs gate 010.JPG
Steel Flower
Steel flower to mount on a wall. Free shipping
Price $50.00
Weather Vane 004.JPG
All steel and hand made.
Price $300.00
Elk weathervane 007.JPG
Elk Weathervane
Handmade steel weathervane.
Price $300.00
Installation 032.JPG
Cowgirl Sculpture
Handmade steel, actual size sculpture.
Price $3,400.00
  • Every item is made by hand, one at a time by iron artist Gary L Russell
  • The shop and gallery are at 28271 Hwy 6 between Rifle and Silt Colorado, visitors are always welcome.