Yard Art

twodancers 004.JPG
Two Dancers
"Two Dancers" is a beautiful piece of art that can be enjoyed inside or as a piece of yard art.

Flowers 021.JPG
Yard art 12
3ft. tall.

Yard art 14
Yard art with square tubing.

Yard Art 13
Floral sculpture

Bonefish1 008.JPG
Fish Bone
Iron fish bone sculpture.

Elk and stone 002.JPG
Elk and stone
Cut out steel elk mounted on a stone.

Iron Rock 002.JPG
Iron Rock
Stone with treble clef.

Gregs gate 010.JPG
Steel Flower
Steel flower to mount on a wall. Free shipping

Weather Vane 004.JPG
All steel and hand made.

Elk weathervane 007.JPG
Elk Weathervane
Handmade steel weathervane.

Installation 032.JPG
Cowgirl Sculpture
Handmade steel, actual size sculpture.

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