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Chandeliers 010.JPG
Chandelier with Bighorns Price: $2,200.00
All steel chandelier with bighorn sheep and trees
Pipe sconce Round hanging lamp Price: $225.00
Pine cone sconce
PC Sconce lg.jpg Sconcepc Price: $175.00
This sconce is 10" wide, 14" tall and 4" deep.
Westfest 027.JPG
Table Lamp Price: $320.00
Bear table lamp.
VanityLightTrees Vanity light Price: $210.00
Vanity light with trees
light 005.JPG
Wall mounted light Price: $125.00
Round wall light with mica
sconce threads 005.JPG
Wall sconce Price: $130.00
Sconce with cap for indoor or out door.