Bathroom Accessories

Boot Towel Ring
Western looking towel ring
Price $75.00
Cat Hook
Robe hook with cat
Price $50.00
Fish Single Hook
The fish is made of " thick steel and is about 9" long.
Price $27.00
Lizzard 012.JPG
Geko Single Hook
This hook makes a good hanger on the bathroom door for your robe.
Price $40.00
Horse tp holder
A different piece of art adds style to the bathroom.
Price $75.00
Bathroom 002.JPG
Pine cone tp holder
Makes a great addition to the bathroom.
Price $30.00
tpholders 004.JPG
Rifle tp holder
Handmade iron tp holder.
Price $55.00
Bathroom 003.JPG
Towel bar with aspen leaves.
This towel can be made in any length.
Price $50.00
Bathroom 015.JPG
Towel bar with trees
Artistic steel trees will add art in the bathroom.
Price $50.00
Bathroom 020.JPG
Towel ring with tree
The towel ring adds to the design with the towel bars.
Price $45.00
Tree Single Hook
Tree hook makes a good robe hook. There always is room for another hook.
Price $27.00
wine bottle 003.JPG
Wine Bottle Tissue Holder
This artistic item can be used as a tissue holder or towel holder.
Price $75.00
  • Every item is made by hand, one at a time by iron artist Gary L Russell
  • The shop and gallery are at 28271 Hwy 6 between Rifle and Silt Colorado, visitors are always welcome.