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Check out our collection of Iron and Metal Sculptures below
wall plaque 005.JPG
Abstract Wall Art Price: $2,450.00
Art from scrap pieces.
Bird in Ring Price: $90.00
Hand cut bird in 12" ring Free shipping
Bronc rider 013.JPG
Bronc Rider Price: $750.00
5 feet tall
Bronc Rider Price: $2,400.00
The frame is 48" x 48". The image is all handmade of steel. The background is aluminum.
Bronco Price: $50.00
Handmade Denver Bronco
Installation 032.JPG
Cowgirl Sculpture Price: $3,400.00
Handmade steel, actual size sculpture.
Eagle 2 15 012.JPG
Eagle Price: $180.00
Handmade iron eagle. Free Shipping
Yard art 008.JPG
Elk on oil shale Price: $110.00
Iron elk on oil shale rock
Bonefish1 008.JPG
Fish Bone Price: $250.00
Iron fish bone sculpture.
KOKO4.jpg Kokopelli Price: $190.00
The Kokopelli is about 16" tall. It is all handmade from " steel plate.
Three flowers Price: $120.00
Hand cut flowers
tree 008.JPG
Tree of life Price: $300.00
This tree is all cut by hand with a flame torch from " steel plate. It is 24" tall.
twodancers 004.JPG
Two Dancers Price: $425.00
"Two Dancers" is a beautiful piece of art that can be enjoyed inside or as a piece of yard art.
Yard Art 13 Price: $350.00
Floral sculpture